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intersectional feminism

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Who we are

InterFem Collective e.V. is a Berlin-based self-organized migrant intersectional feminist collective that aims to empower migrant, refugee, queer and BIPOC FLINTA* folks through combining artistic expression and activism.  

Our activism is decolonial and performed using methods from theater, drag performance, filmmaking, choreography, writing, visual arts and other artistic disciplines. Our activities are from and for FLINTA* artists and people, who want to explore themselves through art and be part of an intersectional community. 

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Through our work:

  • We perform activism through our art 

  • We fight for gender equality, visibility and awareness

  • We want to dismantle the concept of normativity 

  • We promote issues which are important to individuals that face discrimination or exclusion because of their gender identities

  • We support FLINTA* artists by giving them a platform to show their work

  • We act to create a strong, present and solidary community

FLINTA*: Femininities, Lesbian, Inter*, Non-binary, Trans, Agender and *other identities

Support us

Do you believe in the collective impact of art? 

Contribute to our work by making a donation,
by becoming a member of InterFem Collective or by volunteering with us

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