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Self-organised, intersectional feminist, queer, migrant, artistic organisation

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise awareness on intersectional feminism, gender identities and sexualities, to question and ultimately dismantle heteronormativity as well as the patriarchal structures that suppress and kill us. We believe that this can be achieved in two major ways: the empowerment that comes from the circulation of knowledge and the building of communities. Our means to contribute to this is by using different forms of art and aesthetic expression such as theater, dance, singing, writing, painting, drag, etc. This is our form of activism, both as an introspective action of reflection and at the same time as an expression of an outward message to the society of privilege.


Queernormativity: We are living in a heteronormative world that judges and does not accept identities and sexualities out of the binary. With our work, we aim to contribute to redefining what it means to be normative, resulting in queernormativity, which is opposed to queerphobia. By queerphobia, we understand any discriminative belief or attitude against folks that do not abide by heteronormative rules.


Self-determination and self-expression: We strongly believe that the individual is the only one in position to know what is good for them, take decisions and act accordingly on their way to self-fulfillment. We are all aware of the constant attempts to take away our self determination and body autonomy, and for that we can only use every action of protest possible.


Solidarity: Solidarity is a basic value towards community building. We understand solidarity as understanding privilege, acknowledging our own and acting as an ally accordingly, in line with adrienne maree brown* (Brown 2018):


“Where we are born into privilege, we are charged with dismantling any myth of supremacy. Where we are born into struggle, we are charged with claiming our dignity, joy and liberation.”


Safe(r) Space: We believe in the necessity of establishing more safer spaces. We acknowledge that creating safer spaces requires work and constant re-adjustment. A safer space is a supportive, non-threatening place or environment, in which all participants feel free to express themselves and share experiences without fear of judgment or discrimination. The word safer is used to show that safety is relative: not everyone feels safe under the same conditions. By acknowledging the experiences of each person, we hope to create a space as safe as possible.

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Who we work with?

Our projects are created by and orientated towards FLINTA* artists and folks, especially those less privileged in terms of gender, race, migration background, ability, etc. We aim to cooperate with any association or institution, and individuals that share our visions and goals.


We understand that privilege is complex and multifaceted. In the patriarchal society, cis-men enjoy the most privileges. This is why we decided to focus our activities on less privileged folks in an intersectional way, that means not only in terms of gender and/or sexual orientation but also on other factors, such as ability, class, race, age, health. We offer a safer space for our less privileged folks to make decisions, produce art and exchange ideas.We invite and encourage cis-men to be our allies by supporting us in many other ways, that do not include decision-making processes.

Make sure to check out coming events and active projects here.

Here are some of the organizations we collaborate with:

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If you would like to collaborate with us, send us a message via our platform.

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