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About us

"One of the most vital ways we sustain ourselves is by building communities of resistance, places where we know we are not alone."
bell hooks

Our Story

During the covid lockdown, a group of migrant queer FLINTA* folks came  together, in order to make it through and find ways to support each other during these challenging times. Soon, it became obvious that these were times that discriminations, racisms and socioeconomic inequalities increased significantly.

Together, they reflected on art, gender norms, feminisms, privileges and intersectionality, while sharing their personal experiences. They realized how empowering being part of a community can be.

And they ask themselves: How do fellow FLINTA* folks feel during such times, particularly those who do not find themselves fitting in the societal norms? What can we do to support each other? How can we actively resist oppressive systems? Our answer is to connect intersectional feminism, artistic expression and activism.

We want to share this empowering effect of artistic expression with the community and so we decided to found an association. After structural hurdles and of course a lot of bureaucracy, we happily got registered as a non-profit organisation in August 2022.



Eleven FLINTA* persons with migrant stories living in Berlin and identifying as intersectional feminists, we discovered the empowering effects of art in difficult times. We are actors, dancers, theater educators, filmmakers, writers, directors, singers, theater therapists and art therapists. For us, art is political and we use it as a form of activism.

We trust in the power of community and because of that we want to expand our own community. New members are always welcome, and we would love to have you in our team, regardless of your location.


You can join us by clicking here.

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