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Past Projects & Events

Past Projects

Our Bodies, Our power: bodily landscapes

September 2023
House of Resources Berlin, Marchlewskistr. 27
Language: English/ German/ Greek

Priority for queer/ BiPoc/ migrant FLINTA* people


The successful participatory workshop series "Our Bodies, Our Power!" goes is back for the second round. This time we connect the power of our bodies with the power of nature. Where can we find the power of nature in our bodies? What landscapes are found on our bodies? Does the body have forests, rivers and valleys? 
Maria Karamoutsiou (performer/theatre maker) and Dimitra Theodoridou (art therapist) (both founding members of InterFem Collective e.V.) accompany the group in search of answers to these questions and together they set out on a journey into the world of empowerment!










The group experiments with different materials and artistic methods such as movement, creative writing, body painting, drawing, and photography to explore the landscapes of their own bodies. Each workshop day will create individual as well as collective art products that make the uniqueness of the bodies visible!

Funded by

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FLINTA* Bodies to the Front

June 2023
Action in public space
In cooperation with Sonntags-Club e.V. & Heinrich- Böll Bibliothek


We are here, we are taking space, we are getting loud! 

We are shouting: "FLINTA* Bodies to the Front! 


As a continuation of the project "Our Bodies, our Power: reclaiming beauty through artistic expression", "FLINTA* Bodies to the Front!  takes us to the streets and makes us visible! 


With an intervention in the public space, we want to question, resist and change the patriarchal colonialist heteronormative body norms and expectations. Our bodies are there to be seen. Our voices are there to be heard. 


Do you want to get loud with us? Would you like to develop a dance intervention with us and implement it in public space?

The project gives priority to queer, migrant refugees and BIPOC FLINTA* people.

Funded by Demokratie Leben!

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Thematic Theater Workshops for FLINTA* Feminists  

April - June 2023
To Spiti- Beratung-Begegung-Beteiligung

Language: English/ German/ Greek


In this participatory workshop series, participants explore diverse topics from an intersectional feminist perspective. 

Gender Self-Awareness 

Keep me safe(r) 

Drag Kings in the making (Part 1)

Drag Kings in the making (Part 2) 

Reversing the male gaze 


Funded by

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Picture 2.png

​Our Bodies, our power:
reclaiming beauty through artistic expression

September - October 2022
In cooperation with Frauenkreise e.V. and Sonntags-Club e.V. 

The body nowadays is under constant pressure. The unrealistic beauty ideals often lead to an illusion of the perfect body.  This participatory workshop series on body acceptance was about a collective journey into the world of empowerment. 

In this project all bodies had the chance to be seen as they are. Through diverse artistic methods (such as photography, theatrical bodywork, movement, creative writing, body painting, and more) and based on the principles of intersectional feminism, the group analyzed and explored beauty nuances from different perspectives. The participants had the chance to reflect upon their own body image and to find their personal forms of expression. 

On 16.10.2022 the group presented the impressions and art products and videos that were made during the Workshop in a pop-up performance at Sonntagsclub e.V.


Funded by the Demokratie Leben!






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Past Events

Buzukqueerie: a birthday Drag Show

Sunday 07.05.2023
Venue: Sonntags-Club e.V. 


Funded by



Funded by



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Picture 1.png

And yes, the time has come! InterFem Collective has turned one year old! And we want feathers and glitter and colors, music and dance! So, we are celebrating our first birthday with a drag show at our cooperation partner Sonntags-Club!


Join us for a trashy, queer evening taken straight from the greek Buzukia! 


Hosted by Buzukgina laboba and Alexander The Dick 

With wonderful guests, Drag Queens, Drag Kings and Creatures


A Retrospective in the Greek Feminist Movement and its Queer Futurity

Thursday 30.3.2023

Organized by Frauenkreise Berlin

Link to the online event

Panel discussion on the new, young and radical queer feminist movement at the forefront of popular resistance in Greece!


Despite the progressive laws that were passed in Greece in the 80s, legalizing abortion and protecting women and children from violence, patriarchy is trying to roll back what has been achieved. In a stagnating and even shrinking Greek population, women are made responsible for the decline and are pushed to reverse the trend. But feminism in Greece is not only about reproductive rights and justice or about femicides and violence against women.


The new feminists on the Greek scene are promoting intersectional perspectives and for Greece as a country that is at the heart of the migration movement from south to north, feminists in Greece call for human rights, for the abolition of borders and nation states and align with an internationalist way of understanding, living and fighting for feminism. The queer movement is an integral part of this perspective.


Online panel with Gina Farrow (she/they), performing artist, director and educator with focus on anti- discrimination and activism as well as Maria Karamoutsiou (no pronouns/she) performing artist, musician and director with focus on movement and bodywork. They are part of InterFem Collective e.V., a newly founded self-organized migrant intersectional feminist organisation in Berlin, that performs activism through art.


Our special guests Eva Papanikolaou and Gregory Pritsas from Φylis will be joining directly from Greece. Φylis, the Student Association for Gender and Equality (Link) is an independent non-profit nongovernmental organization with a vision to promote gender equality and to fight against sexism in the academic community but also within the Greek society.

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Gender bender play Workshop

Wednesday 22.03.2023

Janusz-Korczak Library Berlinerstr. 120, 13187 Berlin

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WhatsApp Image 2023-03-07 at 18.59.42.jpeg

A workshop around alternative, non-heteronormative gender roles and expressions. Through movement, play and Theatre of the Oppressed methods, we will reflect on gender and take our bodies through a journey of discovery.

Facilitated by Gina Farrow (she/they)

Poster-Making for March 8th Demo

Sa 04.03.2023 

Spiti- Beratung-Begegnung-Beteiligung











Let’s make the most loud, weird, creative posters and join collectively the demonstration for the Women* & FLINTA* Day of Struggle (Frauen*- & FLINTA*Kampftag) on the 8th of March!

We want to protest against patriarchal structures, against a society oriented towards maximising profits, against the ideology claiming that every person is the architect of their own happiness, ignoring structural inequalities.

We demand an end to the violence and killings of women, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people worldwide! Regardless of origin, skin color, ability level, gender and sexual orientation. We demand the self-determination of our bodies worldwide!

We not only want legal equality, but a society in which gender no longer determines our lifestyle. Despite our differences, we want to fight together. And we are not alone: ​​intersectional feminist movements around the world are fighting for a better world - whether in the women's revolution in Iran and Rojava, the protests in Sudan, Brazil, India or Chile.

We want to collectively prepare innovative posters made of unconventional materials for the FLINTA* block. We want to compose new slogans. We want to have a discussion about fighting methods for the community, reflect on new activist actions and be inspired by each other. And all of this in a safe and empowering space, where the group of people affected by structural discrimination will be put at the center of the demo for the International Women* & FLINTA* Day of Struggle.

Funded by Netzwerk Selbsthilfe and kindly supported by “To Spiti Beratung-Begegnung-Beteiligung”.






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InterFem Talks:
queer feminist writing and spoken word

Sa 18.2.2023 18:30 Uhr 

Sonntags-Club e.V. Greifenhagener Str. 28, 10437 Berlin

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The first event of the series InterFem Talks is a discussion on queer feminist writing and spoken word. Our guests, Marachi (they/them) and Sara Ath (she/her) will share their unique perspectives on the creative process of writing.

Join us for an evening of discussion moderated by Maria Karamoutsiou (no pronouns) and followed by Q&A and a party with Sara and Mares

In English spoken language, with possibility to ask questions in German.

Free admission, donations are highly appreciated.

InterFem as supporting Partner

Mural: a film screening series

Saturday 17.3.2023
Sonntags-Club e.V. Greifenhagener Str. 28, 10437 Berlin


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Mural sonntags.png

Mural is a series of film screenings that's aimed to celebrate and platform the work of  FLINTA/BIWOC/BIPOC in the film industry, especially emerging artists, and most specifically artist with a migration or refugee background, who face obstacles in their work due to the lack of access to resources, spaces and funding.


Najwa Ahmed (she,they): Palestinian artist and curator based in Berlin since 2020. Her artistic practice varies between: writing, theater, film and video, landart, visual art and currently she’s focusing more on curation and production of cultural and artistic events. 

More info here

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